General information about the journal

     Since 2010, the journal "Agroecoinfo" is included in the List of leading reviewed scientific magazines and editions in 7 specialties:

  • 1.5.15. Ecology;
  • 1.5.19. Soil science;
  • 1.5.20. Biological resources;
  • 4.1.1. General agriculture and crop production;
  • 4.1.2. Selection, seed production and biotechnology of plants;
  • 4.3.1. Technologies, machines and equipment for the agro-industrial complex;
  • 4.3.2. Electrical technologies, electrical equipment and power supply of the agro-industrial complex.

     The journal is registered as a mass media - electronic scientific publication "AgroEcoInfo: Electronic scientific and production journal".
     Registered by International Organization for Standardization on ISSN (International Standard Serial Number).
     Included in the system of the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).
     Accredited and has an individual prefix in the "DOI" system.

     The journal is published in Russian (full-text version). The journal also has an English version (incomplete, but full-text at the request of the authors). This means that if the authors send to the editorial office a translation of the article into English, it will appear in the English version. If the translation of the article is not sent, the English version will refer to the Russian text of the article. Authors, sending a translation of the article, must guarantee its quality.
     Currently, there are 6 issues of the magazine per year.
     The journal is intended for publication of scientific articles of russian and foreign scientists.
     Only original scientific works not previously published in other journals are accepted for publication in the journal.
     The amount of information, the number of authors, the style of presentation, the number and nature of illustrations, bibliographic references - at the discretion of the authors, although the editors reserve the right to adjust in specific cases. Still, there is a reasonable limit on the size of the article: min-5-6, max - 27-28 pages. Inclusions in foreign languages, except Latin names, are not allowed (this does not apply, of course, to bibliography).
     Authors of articles bear full responsibility for the content of articles and for the fact of their publication. The editorial Board is not responsible to the authors and / or third parties and organizations for possible damage caused by the publication of the article. The editorial Board has the right to withdraw an already published article if it turns out that in the process of publication of the article someone's rights or generally accepted norms of scientific ethics have been violated. The editorial Board informs the author who submitted the article, the reviewer, as well as the organization where the work was performed about the fact of withdrawal of the article.

Rules for sending, reviewing and publishing scientific articles

     To publish your article, you should send the full text of the article with an abstract, keywords and a list of sources used, as well as all the necessary supporting documents (the list of documents is below) to the editorial office by e-mail.
     The author, who applied to the journal "Agroecoinfo" for the first time, must also send a letter of consent to the transfer of data about himself and his articles to the scientific electronic library (NEB) for inclusion in The Russian scientific citation index (RSCI), which is certified by the Scientific Secretary and sealed by the organization in which the author works. The provision of such a letter is a requirement of the HAC.
     Together with the article in Russian authors in English: surname, name, patronymic, academic rank, post, e-mail of the authors; article title; abstract; key words; if the desire to obtain full-text English version of the article is a translation of the article into English (if the authors are confident enough in the quality of the translation).
     The received article is previously considered by the editorial Board and submitted for review to the doctor of Sciences of his choice, usually a member of the editorial Board. The choice of an expert reviewer is the prerogative of the editorial Board. The name of the reviewer remains in the editorial office, is not published in the journal and is not reported to anyone.
     Taking into account the opinion of the reviewer, the editorial Board makes a decision (positive or negative) on the publication of the article, and notifies the authors.
     All accepted for publication articles after appropriate work with them are placed on the website of the journal (main -, working -, access to them is free.
     After that, the authors are provided with a certificate of publication of the article signed by the editor-in-chief or Deputy editor-in-chief, certified by the seal of the journal, and the cover pages to the article in Russian and English.
     When publishing our materials on another website or in a printed edition, there must be a link to the journal "Agroecoinfo" as the primary source (for Internet resources-active).

     An example of the correct design of the link to the article is given at the end of each article.

Copyright for articles published in the journal

     In accordance with the international laws of copyright in electronic information resources materials of magazine "Agroecoinfo" may be reproduced in whole or in part in any form (electronic or printed) only with the obligatory reference to the source.

List of documents to be submitted together with the article

     1. Cover letter of the authors or direction (petition) from the organization (signed and scanned).

               Example of a cover letter

     2. Author's certificate (in text form without signatures).

               Example of the author's reference

     3. A letter of consent to transfer personal data about each author to the scientific electronic library (NEB) for inclusion in the Russian scientific citation index (RSCI) - is filled in individually by each author 1 time when handing over his first manuscript to the editorial office, certified by the Scientific Secretary and sealed by the organization in which the author works (scan).

               Example of a letter of consent to the transfer of personal data about the author of the NEB

     4. In English: the title of the article; surnames, names, patronymics, academic titles, positions, e-mail of the authors; annotations; keywords; if you want to get a full – text english version of the article-translation of the article into english.

     5. Scan of the protocol of the program "Antiplagiat".

     All materials are provided in electronic form by e-mail.